Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Rosa is a funny little woman.  This can't be argued. 
It's pretty much why I keep her around.
As I write this, (we are both sick and lazing around)
she is kicking me in the ribs.
This is unsavory behavior from outside the womb.
So, good thing she's funny.

Rosa:  Rarrr rarrr rarrr! (pretending to be a dino)
Me:  What's your favorite dinosaur?
Rosa:  Umm...a dinosaurusus.
Me:  Obviously.  He's everyone's favorite.

Rosa:  Mommy, while I lay here I want you to pet me.

After quizzing me on all the animals in her It's A Great Day For Pup Dr. Seuss book:
R:  Good job Mommy!  You really do know how to read this book!

I will never run out of these pictures.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You've Got Me

We went to the Mall today.
Sometimes you just have to.
I don't know if "the Mall" deserves or requires a capital M,
but I'm going to write it that way,
because we are in the Midwest.
Basically we go the the MALL (ooh look I went a little crazy there)
when we have nothing better to do and we are officially
bored of board games
and Mommy doesn't want to play
pretend anymore.
Sometimes I just need a dose of reality.
So, the Mall, clearly.
I have a long standing disdain for the Disney Store.
The smell of the perfumes/potions whatever
that they sell in there nauseates me to my very core.
(Why does anyone feel the need to market perfume to children?
They usually smell pretty good.  Better than a lot of adults I pass at the Mall.)
Anyways, maybe it's because of the girls' sudden interest
in all things Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,
or maybe it's from inhaling the toxins of
Eau de Tinkerbell,
but I kind of enjoyed myself in there today.
I even came to the conclusion that we should absolutely
change our kitchen flooring to their dark blue tile with sparkles.
It would be magical while I cook!
Of course once the high of fairy dust wears off,
I might think differently, but for now,
you've got yourself another fan
Disney Store.
Darn you and your strawberry-scented stuffed animals.
Who could resist that?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Stereotypically Girly Commentating

While watching the IU game, as some Hawkeye dunked on the Hoosiers:

Rosa:  Yay! Home run!  Go basketballs go basketballs go!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My (sort of) Valentine

'Twas merely a dozen years ago that I received a
homemade Valentine
asking me on a first date
"but not on Valentines Day, cause that's too much pressure
and also it would be hard to get reservations".
It was your "unique" sense of humor
and wicked bowling moves
that first sent my heart a flutter.

Here's to twelve years,
two babies
and a whole lot more fun to come...
We may have lost our youthful glow,
but I will always be the
Statler to your Waldorf.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


You know what really stinks about the job of a SAHM?
When you really want to storm into your boss's office
and scream
That's it!  You don't appreciate all the work I do, so I QUIT!
You totally can't.
And if you do, it is likely that your boss(es) might just
laugh hysterically at you and say
Oh Mommy, you're so silly!
And then go back to watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Friday, February 10, 2012


I have been sore for a week now. 
My right shoulder and left shoulder blade are killin' me!
After about 24 hours of thinking and complaining about what I could have done,
(it sure wasn't from working out)
Drew finally figured it out.
I vacuumed myself sore.
We just got a new canister vac, which is hugely slightly challenging
to push across thick carpeting.
And I've been vacuuming like a demon because it's still novel enough
to be fun, and my little angels are, how can I put this -
filthy little beasts.
So I've got vacuum shoulder.
Sort of like tennis elbow, only way worse.
I've got myself a personal trainer by the name
and he's kicking my arse.
I weep for my lack of muscle tone.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things That Make My Children Scream "Mommy!"

1.  When I go anywhere near the bathroom.

2.  A bug found somewhere.  Even outside the window.

3. When I raise a fork to my mouth.

4.  When one gets whomped by the other.

5.  When I go downstairs to start a load of laundry.

6.  When I put them down for a nap/quiet time.

7.  When I say "Hello" to someone on the telephone.

8.  When I dedicate 30 seconds of focus to one of them. 

9.  When I open the laptop.

10.  When I breathe in oxygen.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Emmy:  Hi Rosa!
Rosa:  EMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!  You scared me and I'm trying to get my toe fuzzies out!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Let's Go To The Zoo"

I just happened upon some pictures of some adventures we had at the zoo this fall.  I just read somewhere about what fond memories this writer had of her Dad taking her on adventures as a child.  You know, adventures to the gas station and dry cleaner. "It made everything so fun!"  Woo! 
So, I shall from this point forward refer to any and all outings as adventures! and you shall be impressed with the exciting life that we lead.

For reasons only a therapist could explain, I kept hearing the little lispy voice of the Jerry Maguire kid in my head while I was looking at the pictures.  Consequently, that cute little kid has grown up and become a body builder.  Creep-y.  Seriously.  Google him.  I dare ya. 

"Let's go to the zoo Jerry, let's go right now".
Mwhahahhaha.  Now it will be in your head too.
You're welcome.