Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And Everything Else

This is my very last post on our summer vacation!  Woo!
Don't get too excited.
I have to throw all this into one giant post because
someone is turning ...the big 5! tomorrow and 
  then there's first days of school
and gosh, I'm getting stressed just thinking about
all of the new pictures I'm going to force you to look at.
So, please enjoy every last detail of our summer in Pentwater 2012!
Until next summer...
The Children's Museum. 
Seriously cool stuff cap'n.

We also, finally went to the beach!  At last!
(Rosa's killing me in this picture.  Killing me.)

Yay for vacations!
Yay for Nana and Pop!
Yay that you are done reading my posts about vacation!
Yay for you.



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back To The Beach!

Distractions distractions. 
So, Pentwater. 
I got more for ya.
On day 2, after the birds and the golf, we headed up to the homecoming parade!
It's been 3 years now, and I honestly still don't know who's homecoming we are celebrating.
But, everyone loves a parade!
I bet you didn't think there was this much action in Pentwater.
You were wrong.
Doesn't that look like the cover of an Elton John record from the 70s? 
Tom Izzo!
Every good evening ends with ice cream, right?
I think so.
Some of us are a bit more lady-like than others.
Okay, hold on to your hats people, because this was the
girls first experience with fireworks.
We took a gamble that the late night excitement would be worth the
By risk, I mean that the already underslept girls would be thrown off their schedule.
  My girls, well, they don't like change.  They just don't.
*As a side note into my personal life, because I know you are super interested -
this led to an argument between Drew and I the next morning that went something like this:
Me:  "Dude, you abandoned us last night?!!! (i.e. - crept downstairs in the middle of the night to sleep on the couch, where I suspect he first watched a rom-com, while eating Cheetos, and then slept for a delightfully solitary 12 hours.)
Drew:  "Yeah, I just couldn't take the discomfort any more."
Me:  "Oh, okay.  That's weird, because I was sooooo comfortable! (insert extreme sarcasm)
Drew:  has given up arguing with me because he knows exactly where this is going and is just awaiting the show.
Me again, cause you can't stop this train:  "Were you uncomfortable sharing a bed with the girls?  That's too bad.  Have you ever shared a uterus with another person?????
Cause that's uncomfortable my friend."
Yeah, I will always go there, because it is my right as a mother. 
You can't take it away from me, no matter how hard you try.
Anyway...the fireworks...totally worth the risk.
You can't tell from the pictures, because we didn't get many in the dark,
but Emmy was elated.
I mean, down right giddy.  She loved every moment, and it was so fun to watch her awe.
Matt and Danza and the boys went home the next morning, which was a bummer,
so we just hung out and climbed some trees.
We also played fetch with the dog boys and a little baseball too!
I like to think that pitching with a glass of wine gives me an edge,
but alas, she hit that one over the roof.
Rosa claimed the hammock as her own for most of the trip.
She would occasionally allow others to join her.
Too many people on the hammock does not work.  Now we know.
But, IIIIII was on the hammock fi-irst!!!
We ended the evening with smores, as everyone should.
And this was only day 2.5!
You will know Pentwater, MI like it is your backyard when I am done.