Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Moments

Umm...for no apparent reason my eldest daughter has decided to take a nap today.  In her bed.  And she's quiet (right now).  I have not been without her during Rosa's nap for the last 8 months. 
Rosa is fast asleep.
I am all alone.  Allllllooooooonnnne.  Perched like some kind of cat burglar on the sofa, laptop in lap, looking side to side as I type as quietly as I can for fear of disturbing this almost suspicious moment of pure bliss. 
Emmy was "line leader" today at school.  Perhaps that wore her out.
Also, Rosa is sleeping with an animal for the first time ever.  An Owl who is nameless. 
It's all freaking me out a little bit.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On Being A Fun Mom And Making My Own Cider

I have sooo many pictures from our fabulous vacation in Pentwater, and you will sit here and you will look at them and you will like it.  Because I am inviting you to be privy to the photo-documentation of our lives here at the Lloyd house, and how often are you going to get that kind of opportunity in life? Okay fine, go grab yourself a latte first.  Better?  Now, let's discuss how much of a nature girl I am, yes?

Well, nature isn't really the right term here.  See, because I'm all for the beach.  When it's, I don't know 85 degrees, sans cool breeze and I'm "glistening" (I don't sweat) so much that the only thing I can do is run quickly into the water to cool myself off for 2.5 seconds until I'm officially cold and then run back out to warm up on my beach blanket.  That's not really a problem with nature per se, as it is more of a genetic circulatory disorder that I am diagnosing* myself with on this here blog post.  I say genetic, mainly because my sister is almost always cold as well, and therefore it is OUR PARENTS FAULT. 

So, I designated myself official photographer at the beach, and thus eliminated any chance of developing frost bite, or touching anything wet and squiggly with my toes.  And I let everyone else play with my children!  Woo hoo!  Actually, I pretty much always take a giant leap back when Drew, family, or anyone else (random stranger?) is around, as far as child care goes, because let's face it, Mama does quite enough parenting on her own time.

Emmy wore those floaties like it was her job.  Even when no where near the water.  She's a safety girl.

The girls LOVED the beach, even though it was a little chilly.  At one point Rosa's little thighs started to quiver from the cool, but she had no intention of leaving that water.   I did dip a toe in once.  Then I buttoned my jacket.
Emmy, the mini Mama.  She does a great job of watching out for her "little bunny".    When the little bunny allows her to.  See, I'm in the background there, standing...making sure no one needs to be rescued.  Totally the fun Mom.  Watch out Mama Lohan, someone's here to compete for your title.

Unfortunately, the morning hike up the sand mountain happened to coincide with my shower time, so I had to take a pass on that adventure.  Hey, don't judge me.  I've been sharing a bathroom with 2 kids AND a man for the whole summer. 

Climbing with Nana, dressed in pajamas, socks, sandals and a raincoat.  This is why I usually dress the girls myself.

This photo makes me think of the grumpy old men from The Muppets.  I don't know why...

And back down again!  I'm telling you - these girls got spoiled with adventures.  Now how am I supposed to convince them that throwing coins into the fountain at the mall is a special treat? 

Brief intermission at the Yacht Club...

And to the apple orchard!!!  What?  Could this all be happening on the same day?  Believe it.  The Lloyd family doesn't mess around. 
I was inexplicably excited for the apple orchard.  Even though it was outside and not heated.  I even had packed special apple picking outfits for everyone, which somehow we didn't end up wearing.  I love me a good orchard.  Unless there is a worm in the apple I am picking, and then, ewwww.

Some of those babies were hard to twist off.  I give her an A for effort.
I would like to thank you for this apple...and for the cool port-o-potty I got the chance to use earlier.

What we did while everyone else learned about the merits of the "donut peach".  We ended up coming home with a boat load of apples.  So, what better way to use them up than to make a batch of fresh apple cider!  Mmm...recipe follows:

Bahhhahhaaaaa.  Really?  Who do you think I am. 

* No Mom, I don't really have a medical condition...that I know of...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Self-Awareness

While painting outside yesterday -

Me: Oh Rosa...sometimes you look so much like your Pop it's craaaazy.
Rosa:  I know I do Mama...I know I do.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Personal Revelation

I just volunteered to be the "Chair" of the "Spirit Wear" committee at preschool. 
OMG...I am sooo a Mom.
I should just go ahead and get the minivan now.
I didn't see this coming.  Someone should have warned me. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lloyds And Lakes And Llamas, Oh My!

Road trip 2011:  Pentwater, MI avec The Nana and Pop!  Woo hoo!!!  It was a terribly needed vacation for our family, the disgruntled construction bunch.  Oh, you didn't know about the construction?  Perhaps I haven't mentioned it construction construction.  Well, I'll have to fill you in sometime in private.  I don't really like to complain about anything on this blog.

So, a little fun at the beach was just what we needed!  Oh, Nana and Pop, how can we properly thank you for showing us such a wonderful time?  I don't think it includes leaving bits of sand all over your house and making sure that every meal was filled with extra "personality".  We'll work on that for next year. 

The house the house, the very cute house.  Here 'tis...

That's the front porch, with the freshly painted "Asparagus Green" door.  Delightful, yes?  I am now convinced that we too, should paint our doors this color.  Drew loves this idea.  We don't have many projects going on around here, so he gets pretty bored.

I must say (knocking on wood currently) that I have to give the ladies mad props for behaving splendidly during the car ride.  We really only had the grumpies for the last 30 minutes.  And that was just one (you can probably guess who).  And by then, we could taste the sweet relief already, so it didn't bother us so much.  Also, I had my ipod on.  Loud.

We had only been there a few minutes when the girls found some beach balls and were ready to head out.  Yeah, I'm wearing my travel yoga outfit.  No, I don't practice yoga.  What's your point?

It was misting just a teensy bit.  There's nothing like taking a walk near the water to fully relax you into vacation mode.  Ahhh....

Rosa was just excited to be free.  FREEEEEEEEEEE!

Across the sidewalk from the beach, there is a nice little playground that the girls really loved.

We started off our first full day with a Pancake Breakfast at a farm nearby.  It was super yummy, and we got to work off the syrup by running around the garden area, complete with a lavender maze.  Nana always finds the best things to do.  Both educational and fun.  Things that would never occur to me.  This is one of the many many reasons we love Nana.

Rosa's leg pose in this photo cracks me up.  Oh you know, I'm just hangin' out on this cool bridge at the farm.  Whatever...

This is what a syrup high looks like.  Beware!  There is in fact a "come down" period that does not look like this.

After breakfast we headed off to a petting farm!  Oh, how Emmy was excited about this.  Pancakes AND a petting farm?  Within 20 minutes of each other?  Why do we only come here once a year? 
So we can hold it over the girls' heads for good behavior, that is why my friends, that is why.

Rosa had no fear with the animals.  Perhaps it's because she is one. 

I love a good llama.  Watch out, they spit.

I have lovingly name this baby goat "Devil goat", because its' eyes freak me out.  And so I let my small child feed him.  Because I'm adventurous like that.

Who wouldn't visit "Bunny Town" if given the opportunity?

Emmy had, for unknown reasons repeatedly asked if there would be camels at the petting farm.  To which I repeatedly answered, no, camels don't really live on a farm.

Ask me how many times she said "Moooommm, I toooooold you there would be a camel". 
Nope, higher.  Keep guessing.

A loving moment between two sisters?  Or, one using the other one as a protective shield.  It's up for interpretation.

I think Emmy would have played this duck racing game with Nana all day if we let her.  She loved it!

A perfect way to end the adventure.  Emmy is holding that bag of animal food like it's her prize.  She still mentions it from time to time, regretfully telling me how she left it at Nana and Pops' house.  I think she feels it's always good to be prepared when you encounter a random donkey or camel.  You never know where camels are going to be, really.

Rest up now.  There's much more to come...