Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't know what I'm drinking...

But it sure tastes gooooooood!!!!!!!!

On a side note:  that happens to be the exact face that Drew makes when he does his George W. impression.  It usually comes with modified cheer-fingers and this sound, "heh heh heh".  Highly recommend.

*Vitamin water - but anything served out of a straw would be tasted at least once.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh holy hilariousness

 Emmy was just running through the house singing loudly "kiss me ki ki kiss me" a la Katy Perry's Supernatural song.  Lovin me a 3 year old with a taste for pop rock.
Now if only I can teach her the Single Ladies work here will be done.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stupid Thing I Said Today

(following a bathroom incident that E lied about...) (don't ask.)

"Emmy, don't lie on purpose, it's against the rules"

Because apparently lying "accidentally" is perfectly acceptable.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I Learned Yesterday

Well, first, that some maintenance problem occured with blogger and my last post disappeared.  Poof!

But, more importantly -
Lesson #1 :  Don't give a 20 month old a can of Pam and expect her NOT to spray it all over you, like a bad '90s body spray.  Oh Bath & Body Freesia how I loved you.

Lesson #2:  Don't go outside in 80 degree weather wearing Pam as body spray and NOT expect to be wearing a coat of flying insects, like a full on body glitter worn by the proudest big-haired gold-sparkled colorguard performer (That one was for Angie).

"Oh monsieur, how can I say this politely, your coat could use a nice shine that I can provide"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Vacuum Ate Our Easter Bunny!

Seriously - took it's ear right off.  It was Rosa's bunny actually, and Emmy's vacuuming that did it in.  What?  Of course Emmy does the vacuuming around here.  How else would I fit in my dvr'd episodes of Housewives of NY?  Seriously people, there's not that many hours in a day.
Anyways, that little drama reminded me that I haven't yet shared our Easter pictures from this years festivities.  Unfortunately, we forgot our camera at my parents house, so just picture A LOT of chocolate, an indoor easter egg hunt (rain of course) and the traditional Norris family spring clothing showcase;-)
Our morning Easter was pretty simple -
Somebody got a rocket balloon toy - a piiiiirraaatte rocket balloon that is.  Arrrgghhh.
Rosa didn't care what the Bunny brought, as soon as she found that first lollipop.  Love that morning hair.

We went to Nana and Pop's for Easter lunch.  Yum!  As always.  And a perfectly organized easter egg hunt during a brief reprieve from the rain.
This picture makes me immediately think of what their high school personalities might be like:  Harrison, the popular boy escorting 2 girls to prom; Rosa, the girl who asked her date to prom and then drags him around by the hand to wherever she wants to go; Emmy, the girl who skips prom altogether and then writes about how uncool it is in the school newpaper

Who's a happy little bunny?  Mwahhahhahha.

Playing with Aunt Judy.  Oh how the Easter grass was a big hit!  Should've had Emz vacuum before we left.

Not even Gran was safe from the grass fight.

Wheelbarrow races!

Emmy fell madly in love with "baby Henry".

A little gathering of the cousins is always a good place to end.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011


That's the name of Emmy's gymnastics class, by age group.  The 3's are tumblebees!  Say it, it's fun.
What has not been quite as fun is class.  Until last week, and I'll keep my fingers crossed.  Emmy has had quite the time adjusting to having a new authority figure (teacher) and new kids surrounding her.  It has pretty much been a peel her off the side of me kind of experience.  The other complication is Rosa is with us, which means that I either have her on my hip while holding Emmy's hand on the balance beam etc...or I let her terrorize the gymnasium by herself, which she is more than happy to do, but apparently the other parents (who clearly can see what a FANTASTIC time I'm having) think it's unfair that a sibling gets to "use" the equipment for free.  And by "use" I mean whack a tether ball until it smacks her back in the face.  So, now I have to hold her against her will, which works out really well with a Rosa.  *"Other parents", with the kid who would willingly run off to class without even saying goodbye to you, I'll trade ya.  Let me be the one sitting on the bleachers with a Diet Coke, talking on my cell phone far too loud about how the caterer screwed up my bunko party last night.*  Yes you, please complain some more about the "free ride" my other daughter is getting.  Perspective is clearly your strong suit.  Anyways, we did have a bit of a (knock on wood) break-through half way through class last week.  Emmy actually went off with her favorite teacher, sans me, and dare I say it...I think I saw a smile or two.  Class is Friday, so we'll see if this post just jinxed our progress.  Letcha know...
The "ta da" moment after she somersaulted with Googa of course.  Please ignore the pantsless wonder in the background.  She likes to do things her own way. 
Do I see a little Mary Lou Retton in the making?  Bahhhahaha, I'm sooo not THAT Mom.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

11 1/2 Minutes

The length of time that Emmy kept a bite of enchilada in the side of her cheek, like a pinch of tobacco.  Yes, we encouraged her to go crazy and try one bite of something new, and yes, we told her that she would taste it less if she just chewed and swallowed it.  You can't argue with that level of stubborn.  At 6:48pm that sad little bite finally went down the hatch in the company of a pair of gummy vitamins.  Delicioso!
"Why don't you swallow that now"
 "No thank you"