Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thought of the Day, 8/26/14

Rosa...On growing up.
"Mama, I don't want to be anything when I grow up. 
I just want to hang out...and buy a cat."

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dream Until Your Dreams Come True

This girl.
Most mornings she puts on a record after breakfast
to jam her way into the new day.
It's always Aerosmith.
Her unrelenting love of 70s rock,
combined with her devotion
to Rainbow Dash and magical flying ponies of all kinds,
(see above favorite shirt)
is just about as perfect a pairing as you could ask for.
I dare you to find yourself a better Rosa.
Can't be done.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter! And I Remembered I Have A Blog

So... it's been a while.
Not sure why I lost interest in posting.
I'm going to try harder, as this is really the only form of scrapbooking
I am capable of.
And one day I am sure I will be desperate to recall all the little details,
nonsensical fights in the back of the car,
the singing of the Frozen soundtrack EVERY DAY,
the high pitched giggles when we are carpooling with friends,
the endless questions...
One day I will wish that I can yell
"Okay that's it! Silence until we get home!"
Until then...here is Easter in all of it's glory.
The beauty of being 6 is that your sunglasses can be wonky, and it just makes you cuter.
The Easter Egg tree is still my favorite holiday decoration.
Emmy is really starting to question the existence of the Easter Bunny. 
It's freaking me out  - she's too young!
Rosa already insists that "it's just some guy in a bunny costume".
Fortunately, I have convinced them he just works for the real bunny.
It did not help that when we were at Target today,
they both found some modeling clay that they received in their baskets and exclaimed
"Huh!  So, the Easter Bunny shops at Target too?"
Yup.  Who doesn't shop at Target?
Sunscreen application face.
It was hot and sunny in Nashville.  In April!
Those are some terrible pictures, I admit.
I was off my game. 
I don't think a single smile was captured - but, I assure you,
they all had a blast!
Thanks, Nana and Pop!